The Forex market (currency market) is a huge, highly liquid market enabling small ‘retail’ traders to make consistent gains when following a sound trading strategy.

Below are links to some basic forex strategies on this site, but to get a really good grounding with video courses that take you from scratch to forex profits, I recommend the Lazy Trader. You will gain a good grounding in trading the Daily and Weekly charts without spending too much time on it so that you can still do this as a supplement to your day-job

The Lazy Trader Forex Course >>>

Forex – The Basics & An Example ‘Sell’ Trade

So, to the basic info on this site… CLICK HERE

And the example trade… CLICK HERE

To get this info broken down into more manageable chunks, The Lazy Trader course will give you this and a whole lot more

>>> The Lazy Trader Forex Course >>>

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