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Izea started as PayPerPost, Inc. in February 2006 in the US and became a publicly listed company in 2011. The platform connects people with high online influence with marketers who wants their message to get promoted on social media. You know when you watch YouTube and some people review lipsticks, lotions, engine oils, food, etc? That’s how this works.

Companies spend a lot on social media advertising because unlike traditional online ads (where people can’t wait to press “skip ads”), social media utilizes the “word of mouth” type of marketing which has been proven to be more effective. You can earn with Izea by posting on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn, or blog sites. Izea will work well for people who have a lot of followers as they can demand higher rates.

Start by signing up in Izea as a creator and confirm your email. Log in to your account then click the top left corner icon where you can find your initials. Click “Connections” and connect all your social media accounts. You need to agree to all the permissions being asked such as “manage pages”. After connecting, tell Izea what kind of “Communities” you are serving which means mentioning the interests and demographics of your target audience. All this information will be used by marketers to determine if you are the right fit.

Once done, go to the “Content” tab on the left pane then click “New”. This is where all the jobs are posted. Click the one that interests you and submit a bid together with a short description of why marketers should pick you. Having a lot of followers will surely come in handy when doing Izea. If you tell advertisers you have 20,000 followers on your Twitter account then you can demand higher compensation per post.

Availability: – All Countries

Mode of Payment: – PayPal

IZEA – Frequently Asked Questions

How much will I earn?

Anywhere between $10 to $400 per post depending on the project.

Do I need to pay anything to be a content creator with Izea?

Izea has a Free plan which you can already use to earn but will be limited to 5 bids per month. If you get the Basic plan ($1 per month) or Pro Plan ($5 per month) you get unlimited bids. Pro plans also have priority customer support and a lower cashout threshold.

What are bids?

Influencers and content creators need to bid to get a project.

When will I get paid?

Minimum payment depends on the plan that you are in – Free plan=$100, Basic plan=$50, Pro plan=$25. Funds will be available on the Izea website 45 days after publishing your content.

Does Izea have any referral programs?

Yes! The more creators you invite the higher your commission.

0-9 creators=2.5% of referee’s earnings

10-24 creators=5% of referee’s earnings

25-99 creators=7.5% of referee’s earnings

100+ creators=10% of referee’s earnings

To access your referral link: From Dashboard > select your Avatar > Account Settings > Referrals

Note that referrals expire after 24 months and the maximum referral payout per job is $100.

What is your experience with IZEA?

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