This article will give you the ‘lowdown’ on Volusion, what is does and a synopsis of Volusion Reviews and Complaints seen in 2019.

Volusion is an experienced service provider in the eCommerce store market. Founded in Austin, Texas in 1999 and employs 250* people. Volusion’s merchants are reported to have generated $28 billion in sales with their platform powering more than 30,000 online stores. 

Volusion works in the same way as Shopify and Bigcommerce providing a complete hosted e-commerce solution so when you sign up there’s need download or install anything. You get everything you need to launch your online store and start selling products. Volusion provides a feature rich store for its monthly fee and there is a free trial so you can decide if its the right solution for you before you commit to signing up. 

Who is Volusion Suited To?

If you don’t have experience with setting up a website to sell products, Volusion should cater well for you. After signing up you simply add product listing and adjust settings, and there is customer support available to guide you through the process.

More experienced users will probably benefit quicker from the more advanced functionality like coupons, deals, and integration with Facebook, Amazon and eBay, but this can all be learned and implemented without previous experience.


The following list are most of the main features of Volusion but there will be others.

  • Website builder to create your website and online store.
  • Hundreds of mobile ready templates.
  • Advanced product listings and fulfillment.
  • Advanced inventory management.
  • Product Ratings and reviews.
  • Mobile apps to manage your store on the go.
  • Built-in marketing, social media and SEO tools.
  • Sell on Facebook, Amazon and eBay.
  • Payment processing with all major credit cards, PayPal, Amazon Payments.
  • PCI Payment compliance.
  • Coupons and discounts.
  • Secure hosting.
  • 24/7 support.


Volusion Pricing

Volusion has a 14-day Free Trial, and five price plans:- 

  • Personal ($29 p/m): For small online stores that won’t sell more than 100 products.
  • Professional ($79 p/m): Sell up to 5000 products and get phone support.
  • Business ($299 p/m): For larger online stores that need the option of selling unlimited products and need priority support.
  • Prime ($custom): No bars held option for businesses wanting things like unlimited staff accounts and VIP support. 

Currently, Volusion still offers a ‘Mini’ plan, but it’s unclear whether this plan is going to be maintained. It’s $15 per month that allows for up to 100 products, with online support only and 1GB of file storage.

Plans are often updated so for the latest information head over to the volusion pricing page…

Volusion Pricing (new tab) 

The Pros of Volusion are the Feature Rich set of Capabilities and Functions

Ease of Use & Setup: Volusion provides a relatively intuitive user experience which works for both beginner and intermediate users, but you will still need to follow the guides carefully. The rich feature set is presented logically providing a streamlined shop building experience. 

Mobile Management Apps:
 Volusion lets you manage your online store from your mobile devices with iOS and Android mobile apps. Check inventory, Update prices and products from the app.

Dashboard Functionality. Volusion has many of its features built into the dashboard. Unlike other platforms, you don’t need to purchase costly add-ons through an app store. Built-in SEO for example. 

3rd Party Integrations:
 Volusion supports potentially thousands of apps through Zapier, covering everything from accounting to customer management. Selling products on Facebook, Amazon and EBay are also possible through direct integration with these platforms. Built-in shopping feed capabilities enables your products to list on major shopping engines like Google Shopping. Integrations with places like Amazon Marketplace and eBay have been reported as being more intuitive than Shopify and BigCommerce.

Payment Processing: Volusion supports a range of payment processors, including PayPal, Stripe and as well as digital wallet options like Amazon and Apple Pay. Some options, like Square, need to be integrated with Zapier, but they are achievable by following the instructions.

Volusion Payments image

Free and paid for Themes: Volusion offers a wide range of premium and free themes which can be installed in minutes. Features include homepage slideshows, page builders, social sharing, newsletter sign-ups. Volusion’s new themes have elevated this vital functionality back up with the likes of Bigcommerce, Squarespace and Shopify. The new free themes have been drastically improved meaning small businesses can have a good-looking web store without breaking the bank.

Volusion Themes image

Customer Support & Online Support: Often cited as a strong pro for Volusion is both online and phone based support. There are also a wealth of pages, resources, and “How To” Guides. The company provides 24/7 live support via phone, chat, or email, to all pricing plans, except for the mini plan which only gets 24/7 online support. If you’re on the Personal Plan, you can only get help online. Chat support has been reported as working well and is a popular method of support.

Inventory Management: Many users sighted Volusion’s inventory integration features as giving it an edge over alternatives. Managing thousands of product SKUs? Volusion ticks the box. 

No Transaction Fees:
 Volusion have scrapped transaction fees so you only pay for the card processing fee. Nice! 

 Provides a wealth of useful customer interaction data and analytics tools.

Selling Features and Selling Optimization:- 
Including live and abandoned carts feature showing which clients are currently completing an order and who have abandoned their cart enabling emails to be sent to potential customers who have abandoned their carts. The new one-page checkout has been shown to decrease the number of abandoned carts. 

Other selling aids include Coupons, Newsletters, Affiliates, A rewards program, Gift certificates

Security: Volusion is PCI Certified, so bank card transactions on the platform come with industry standard security. A free SSL is also provided. There’s no additional cost like Volusion used to charge. Volusion also offers true custom SSL certificates, while other companies such as Shopify offer a shared SSL. A free (or shared) SSL means your buyers get redirected to a different domain for checkout, whereas the dedicated SSL (offered by Volusion) keeps the checkout on your own domain. This provides a more seamless buying experience. 

 Often cited as another strong point for Volusion. 99.9+% up-time performance and its in-house hosting, which is good for security.

Dropshipping: Volusion has a complete dropshipping integration system. The dropshipping app is free and lets you search for products from vetted suppliers and wholesalers in a wide range of categories. All the products are curated by Volusion, so you should not run into problems with suppliers. However, these are mostly US-based dropshipping suppliers so you need to work out what that means for shipping to customers outside the US in terms of shipping costs and delivery times.

The Cons…

Complaints: Any online service provider with the amount of customers that Volusion has will have complaints that can be found online. In my opinion there is not a large volume of these, but there have been some billing issues posted as well as access to support. These two categories of complaints are what would be expected for any large e-commerce platform provider, no company is perfect, and in my view shouldn’t put you off from giving the free trial a go…

Volusion Free Trial (new tab)

Premium Template Price: Some of the premium template costs can be quite high with the most expensive coming in at around $900, but the majority are about the same as BigCommerce and Shopify. Volusion offers 11 free themes, and 34 paid themes costing $180 each. BigCommerce and Shopify have 50+ premium designs, costing $145-235 and $140-180, respectively. Roughly the same.

Price: Volusion’s price plans come in at the tope end compared to their rivals. This is against the backdrop of the level of customization, control, business scalability, functionality and features that can potentially increase your sales. You will need to make a judgment call whether or not you see these features as fulfilling your current or future needs or additional sales potential.

Theme Design: In the past, Volusions themes were often criticized. The company has taken this on board and produced new and improved themes that are much better than before but are still maybe behind others providers. The templates can be quite feature-specific, so if you don’t find a theme to suit your business, you may need to pick the closest fit and adjust the design. The chances are you will find a preexisting design to suit but if not then I’m sure Volusion would be on hand to help get a design that works for you. Sign up to the free trial and take a look… 

Volusion free trial (new tab)

Blogging: There is a lack of blogging functionality. Blogging can help with SEO. As Volusion seems to react well to criticism I would guess that It won’t be too long before blogging is added to the platform as standard. 

Physical Products Only
: Currently you can’t sell digital products. No e books, music, or digital art.

The Verdict

With the recent upgrade to V2, Volusion have shown that they are listening to their customers and to criticism and are responding which is a good sign. Volusion might look or seem quite complicated to a novice e-commerce user due to such a rich set of features, but if you are in business of selling products you will need all the help you can get so its worth going through the learning curve. 

Compared to Shopify and Big Commerce, Volusion’s price plans are on the more expensive side, but this comes with an impressive feature set with a strong focus on selling, analytics, extensive inventory capacity, and business scalability ‘out of the box’. You can check it all out with a free trial…

Volusion free trial (new tab) 

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