The Forex market (currency market) is a huge, highly liquid market enabling small ‘retail’ traders to make consistent gains when following a sound trading strategy.

There are essentially two ways to make money in the forex markets: –

  • DIY (Do It Yourself)
  • DFY (Done For You)


The Basics & An Example ‘Sell’ Trade

So as not to scare you away :)… this linked page … CLICK HERE covers some forex basics. If you are new to forex it will give you a good idea as to why I recommend the Copy Trading route

And the example trade along with risk management and trade sizing … CLICK HERE

The Lazy Trader Forex Course

The Lazy Trader course sets out a simple strategy with videos to explain that take you from scratch to earning forex profits. You will gain an understanding of trading the “Daily and Weekly charts” without spending too much time on trading activities so that it can still be done as a supplement to a day-job

The BabyPips Course Course >>>


The Done For You way of doing things is what this site is all about. There are ways and means of leveraging experts now that removes the need to spend months if not years learning all the ins and outs of trading forex.

Copy Trading

Copy Trading, or Social Trading as it is sometimes called allows people to copy the trades of expert forex (FX) traders.

In the video below I review some of the best copy trading platforms I could find. The biggest and most established platform is Etoro: –

If you have has any experience with Forex courses or trading (bad or good) let us all know about it in the comments below.

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