Glenn Armstrong is a property millionaire “Guru”. He has numerous development projects running throughout the UK. On his website Glenn also says he has a track record of appearing in the media to talk about property investing.

I attended one of Glenns free property investing days (2 hours) and found it very engaging and informative. I got the impression Glenn is clearly motivated to teach people how to invest in property and escape the rat race.

The day is basically a sales pitch for his main 4 day property investor course. The course looks well structured and appropriate for complete beginners to experienced investors.

On the free day, Glenn covers some concepts covered by the course

STRATEGY. You need one first that is appropriate to you. BTL for income? Flipping properties for profit? etc

BELIEF. Mindset IS important


LEVERAGE. More properties mean more cash flow as well as capital appreciation leading to more income and growth.

Micro Markets‘ based on your chosen strategy, learn how to select the best towns that give you best yields (rent to price ratio if you opt for BTL). If you are flipping, look at low yield towns, the average time to sell etc.

MONEY. Glenn covered at high-level concepts such as Lease Options, Joint Ventures, Property Sourcing, private finance, bridging finance, negotiation and refinancing. If you do 4 property flips in one year and make £20K per flip, that’s £80K which is a reasonable sum of money.

OPPORTUNITY. Auctions (you can buy before or after the auction). Its a case of ‘buyer beware’ at auction.

As I mentioned above the free day is informative, more so than other free property investor days, but you don’t necessarily need to go. You can read these kinds of reviews and make a decision as to which course you would like to take, however on the day they said they were offering a discount for the course which brought the price down to about £300 if I remember correctly. Maybe phone them the day before to ask what price will be offered on the day and then check it with the current price on their website.

Course Cost: £300 – £400 (see above)

Additional support: Glenn will give guidance and direction initially.   Private Facebook Group and also the chance to network and enter into Joint Venture deals with more experienced property buyers and developers to share and minimise risk. There may be more support than this so you will need to double-check.


Just a regular dude, dedicated to new digital economy income streams


CornyC · March 12, 2018 at 5:01 pm

Glenn Armstrong owes me £7200 as I withdrew from being one of his “Mentees”, which I signed up for in January 2018 after one of his 4 day courses, but then decided it wasn’t going to suit my property investing strategy. I asked for my money back within the standard 14 day “Cooling Off” period over 5 weeks ago and received no reply from either Glenn himself or his so called “assistant” Tracey and no refund either to date. Very angry, but will pursue this via the legal route if I have to.

    admin · March 7, 2019 at 1:08 am

    Sorry to hear about this. Have you had any further correspondence?

Dario Ferraro · December 22, 2019 at 6:47 pm

There are so many people in the same situation like CornyC, I know few of them LOST THEIR MONEY ,he is an NLP expert, once he takes your cash payment that is the end of the day, mission is completed for him, if you are on low earnings, one of his employee posibbly self-employed one will direct you to his partner company OMNICAPITAL to finance the money, then you are in trouble, the Fraud office was informed by all these activities conducted by (OMNI Capital Retail Finance and GLENN ARMSTRONG), we are waiting for the government bodies to stop this people ripping peoples monies.

Dario Ferraro · December 22, 2019 at 7:07 pm

I forgot to ask CornyC, I bet when Glen Armstrong took £7200 , he bet didnt produce any written contracts explanining what you paid this money for and what you were going to get in return, no signatures at all, thats what they normally do, he tries to examines the law and easly gets away, also Des Taylor is another his beloved partner following his foot steps, be careful with this guys.

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