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  • Is Fiverr Legit or a Scam?
    Lots of people ask “Is Fiverr Legit or a Scam?”. Well, it certainly is not a scam. The Fiverr platform has been around a long time and is still going strong because it is a business model that works. In short, it is an online marketplace for small online freelance […]
  • Forex Trendy Review (Forex Trading)
    If you are going down the route of DIY forex trading, the bulk of the ‘legwork’ is identifying the trends between currency pairs. In particular, for the daily swing trading strategy, this is where most of the work is done or needed and this is where Forex Trendy comes in. […]
  • Best Affiliate Marketing Platforms 2020
    As an online marketer or affiliate marketer, most of your revenue will be generated through the most well-known affiliate marketing platforms These also tend to be the platforms that have been going the longest. In this space, longevity means their business model is working and they are trusted by the […]
  • Wealthy Affiliate vs Six Figure Mentors – A Comparison of the Main Differences
    If you are looking into Online Marketing and Affiliate Marketing platforms you will have come across Wealthy Affiliate ( and Six Figure Mentors ( Yes, there are other platforms out there but these two I would consider to be two of the market leaders.  I am currently a Wealthy Affiliate […]
  • Glenn Armstrong Free Property Investor Education Day Review
    Glenn Armstrong is a property millionaire “Guru”. He has numerous development projects running throughout the UK. On his website Glenn also says he has a track record of appearing in the media to talk about property investing. I attended one of Glenns free property investing days (2 hours) and found it […]