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  • John Lee Wealth Dragons Scam or No Scam?
    The Wealth Creation industry is really still in its infancy. Indeed, this is what this blog is all about. Wealth Dragons are headed up by two Asain entrepreneurs, John Lee and Vincent Wong. I don’t doubt that they are genuine but it’s definitely a case of ‘buyer beware’. If you […]
  • Online Forex Trading Courses – Trade 20 Minutes Per Day
    The Forex market (currency market) is a huge, highly liquid market enabling small ‘retail’ traders to make consistent gains when following a sound trading strategy. There are essentially two ways to make money in the forex markets: – DIY (Do It Yourself) DFY (Done For You) DIY The Basics & […]
  • Glenn Armstrong Free Property Investor Education Day Review
    Glenn Armstrong is a property millionaire “Guru”. He has numerous development projects running throughout the UK. On his website Glenn also says he has a track record of appearing in the media to talk about property investing. I attended one of Glenns free property investing days (2 hours) and found it […]